' Al Lago Wines - Sangiovese



At Vino Al Lago, we are always fascinated about how the same fruit can vary so much in flavors and structure. We thought it would be fun and eye-opening to showcase the profiles of the four grapes used in the 2012 Vintage...

Interesting Notes About Sangiovese

Where did it come from?

Its “father” is an old Tuscan varietal called Ciliegiolo and its “mother” is Cilegiolo, which is only found outside Naples.

What does it taste like?
It has a trademark combination of some different forms of strawberries. In old world areas such as Tuscany, it showcases a cooked or compote form of strawberries. In the Santa Rosa Valley, it reveals a brighter cleaner form of strawberries. It often has notes of mint or eucalyptus as well.

What is its make-up?
It has a medium thickness skin, which imparts a firm, tannic structure and a super-high, natural acidity.